College Match Section #1

Do you participate in any of these activities?

How do you feel about your current class size?

What average score did you receive on the SAT (out of 1600) & ACT (out of 36)?

Haven't taken yet? Go ahead and leave blank or you can put in your pre-SAT or practice ACT scores

In terms of the school you'll attend, how important are these factors?

  • Academics
  • Cafeteria Food
  • Food Off-Campus
  • Dorm Quality
  • Apartment Quality
  • Drug-Free
  • Diversity
  • Cool College Town
  • Cool Students
  • Warm Climate

Do you want to go to a co-ed college (men & women)?

Do you have any preferences for specialty institutions? Check all that apply.

Politically, how important is it that you attend school with people who are completely aligned (90%+) with your values?

College Match

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